Monday, October 04, 2004


If this is true...then:

Iraqi intelligence documents, confiscated by U.S. forces and obtained by, show numerous efforts by Saddam Hussein's regime to work with some of the world's most notorious terror organizations, including al Qaeda, to target Americans. They demonstrate that Saddam's government possessed mustard gas and anthrax, both considered weapons of mass destruction, in the summer of 2000, during the period in which United Nations weapons inspectors were not present in Iraq. And the papers show that Iraq trained dozens of terrorists inside its borders.
Let's keep an eye on this one.

Jim Geraghty has some thoughts too:

Here's my... concern. Why are we hearing about these documents now? I'm not saying I don't believe the documents, but I'm wondering why we haven't seen this unveiled in a major news conference at the Pentagon, White House, or U.S. embassy in Iraq.

October surprise? I just don't think this White House works that way. If you have evidence of WMDs and ties to terrorism in January or May or August, you show it to America and the world as soon as it's vetted and ready. By holding this back, you're giving critics of the war months and months to pound away at you. It would be the longest and most brutal "rope-a-dope" strategy (strategery?) in history...

...I understand some NR folks are looking into this story. Maybe they and a bunch of other outlets will have their own experts look at the documents, and declare them the real deal. As a guy who wants to see American intelligence vindicated, I hope this happens. But - for the second time today - we can't be CBS. We can't let our desire for something to be true affect our conclusion of whether it is true.