Sunday, October 03, 2004

Zapruder film of Kerry Cheating at Debate?

INDC Journal apparently has the smoking gun about what this space blogged about yesterday over evidence that John Kerry brought cheat sheets to last Thursday's debate:


IMPORTANT NOTE: For best view, right click on video while it's playing and select 'zoom,' 'full screen.' (NOTE: MUCH HIGHER QUALITY VERSION NOW AVAILABLE HERE)

As indicated by the linked video (fullscreen mode is very compelling), John Kerry clearly removes what look like note cards or papers from his right jacket pocket, and then places them on the podium at the beginning of the debate.

1. A candidate's unilateral use of prepared notes could provide a distinct advantage in the debate, hence their mutual prohibition.

2. While the nature of the object is possibly disputable based on the angle of the video, the rules clearly state that "[n]o ... tangible things may be brought into the debate by either candidate." That includes notes, Mont Blanc pens, magic hats, you name it.

INDC Journal and the Daily Recycler aren't going to hyperventilate and claim that this violation decisively influenced the outcome of the first debate, but it's certainly reasonable to request that the rules are followed by the Kerry Campaign, and enforced by the Debate Commission in the remaining two contests.