Saturday, September 11, 2004

They were copies...

From the Corner:
The New York Times interviewed CBS documents expert Marcel Matley, who confirmed that the documents the network gave him were photocopies -- and poor ones at that. According to the paper: "Mr. Matley said the documents the network sent him were so deteriorated from copying that it was impossible to identify the typeface." '''It's sheer speculation to say that you couldn't have done that until a computer came along,'' he said.""As a result, he said, he focused on the signatures. CBS sent him the four newfound documents, as well as others that have been verified as signed by Colonel Killian. 'There were significant similarities and the differences were insignificant,' he said in the configuration of letters and the angle of the writing." Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported that, "Matley said last night that a '60 Minutes' executive had asked him not to give interviews."