Friday, September 10, 2004

Recap on Ben Barnes, other attacks

Just so we can keep this in context, aside from the memo flap, Blogs for Bush breaks down the recent attacks on Bush and the fallout:

Attack: Ben Barnes was interviewed by CBS's Dan Rather on Wednesday, September 8 and claimed that he engineered George W. Bush's National Guard entry.
Fallout: The credibility of this "witness" is of no apparent concern to Dan Rather and CBS. Recall that Barnes:

- testified under oath in 1999 that the Bush family did not ask for any special treatment

- is Vice Chair of the Kerry campaign and a top fundraiser

- is a major Democratic fundraiser (type Barnes, Ben in the search field)

- was called the "51st Democratic Senator" by Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle (free registration required)

- was charged by his own daughter with making his recent comments for "purely political reasons"

- was chased from office for his involvement in the Sharpstown stock fRaud scandal
Actual news organizations might have questioned whether such a serious charge made by a man with severe conflicts-of-interest would warrant an entire segment managed by its top on-air talent. CBS did not. Additionally, the LA Times investigated this story 5 years ago and found no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Read the whole thing.