Sunday, September 26, 2004

Blogs from the right? WHAT blogs from the right?

The New York Times Magazine has published a lengthy piece entitled "Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail", which is about political blogs. That's fine, expect there's one glaring problem.

There's no coverage of blogs from the right. They're all from the far left. Every. Single. One.

LGF puts it best.
There is not one word about the anti-idiotarian blogosphere. No LGF. No Roger L. Simon. No Michael Totten. No Allah. No Belmont Club. No Power Line. No INDC Journal. No Command Post. No Michele. No Cox & Forkum. No Rantburg.
Instead, readers are treated to interviews with folks like Markos Zuniga, the owner of Daily Kos. You may remember that's where that now infamous, horrific comment was made when the four American civilian contractors strung up like pieces of raw meat in Falluja. Oh, you remember: Zuniga wrote, "I feel nothing over the death of mercenaries," and then added, "Screw them."

Ace throws in his two cents, but is a little more direct about it:

Gee, PowerLine LGF refuted a 60 Minutes story and put the entire CBS News organization in a state of crisis, and Wonkette tells dick-jokes (bad ones, actually). Who's more newsworthy?

Why, f@#&ing Wonkette, of course.

It's unbelievable. Instapundit gets a brief mention, Kaus gets a paragraph, FreeRepublic gets one passing reference, and then back to Kos, Marshall, Wonkette
He's got a point about the jokes--the humor on the right is way better than what is cranked out by the left. My little thing about Kerry and C-3PO caused many a computer screen to be sprayed with coffee or soft drinks via readers' noses, while the best that the lefties can do is make vile puns involving the president's last name and a lady's pubic region. Why aren't we surprised that the title of this garbage is a rip off of Hunter S. Thompson? It probably required the same amount of pharmaceutical inspiration to crank out ten pages of this bile posing as news. Who do they think they are fooling?


Blogger Patton said...

Jim Treacher ( pointed out that, if one read the NYT article, one might be happy to have been omitted. More specifically, he opined:

"What about me? Hey, over here!" And I'm like, "Stop waving, he's got a rocket launcher!"

Ignoring for just a moment the blatant bias typically shown by the Times, I read the full thing, and Mr. Treacher has a point.

If the NYT ever does a piece that isn't designed to make bloggers look like whining, puffy, disaffected losers, they'll still try to choose their sample from the left end of the pool, but based on their current piece, I think the absence of the non-lefty bloggers should be taken as a compliment.

11:07 PM  
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