Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sweating, Squealing & Sinking

The Bush haters are shifting, scratching, hemming, hawing and twitching like a 14 year old Amish boy whose mother has just fond his Playboy stash in the horse’s feed bag.

That's gotta hurt. Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: A good example from TIME. Hey, Joe...your boy started it.


Blogger Patton said...

Arrgh. Without irony, Klein writes:

"Now that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have turned out to be anything but—the only "lies" they've turned up are a mistaken date or a mild Kerry exaggeration about operating in Cambodia and a Purple Heart received for a minor wound—we are told their real gripe is that Kerry protested the war after he came home and sullied their service by testifying to atrocities committed by American troops in Vietnam."

So, he's complaining that they only found three lies, one of which has been part of his stump speech for 30 years, another of which got him out of Vietnam early? Oy. And the SBVfT aren't even done yet.

How about if Kerry were to, I dunno, just clear the decks, get with the truth, and continue his campaign? Or is that asking too much? Of course it is - because for him to do so, he'd have to pull an "Albright" as Clinton did, only, the Simon Bar-Sinister looking fool in the story would now be Joe Klein and his comrades.

4:34 PM  
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