Saturday, August 28, 2004

Calling them liars didn't work...let's try this then...

The smell of desperation appears to be emanating forth from either the Kerry camp, the mainstream media...or both. This latest AP piece that just popped up on the wire is a real hoot...even for a press that is determined to protect the matter what the cost to their journalistic objectivity:
You'd think the details would be scorched into a veteran's memory like a cattle brand: ducking gunfire, seeing someone die in battle, bracing against a blast's concussion. Who could forget?
Yet such memories not only blurred over time in one classic psychological study of soldiers, but mutated too. Old recollections faded; new mental pictures took over. Whole new chunks of personal history materialized from the muck of memory.
"People went from, `Yes, I saw one friend killed,' to `I saw no friends killed,' to `I saw two friends killed,' to `I saw three friends killed,'" said Dr. Andy Morgan, a Yale University psychiatrist who helped run the six-year study.
Could such memory research help explain some of the dueling accounts of U.S. Sen. John Kerry's war experiences?
So, are they saying that all the vets have mental problems now, with the exception of Kerry?


Blogger 49erDweet said...

MSM strikes out again.

Viet Nam vets are finally getting madder and madder about the insults and lies deliberately spread about them by liberals almost three decades ago, and have begun a process that may finally cleanse this nation of the festering sores covered over by years and years of psychological scabs.

If rank and file Democrats would ever wake up and rid themselves of the wierdo 2% that currently control the agenda of their party, they could again be a party to reckon with. As it is, most party members seemed silently ashamed by what they see.

12:18 AM  
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