Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Tolerance and Diversity

Looks like trouble is brewing on campus in the city known worldwide for its tolerance and diversity:
Over 300 Arab student protesters surrounded the table of the local College Republican Club at San Francisco State University, prompting 13 campus police officers to protect the political organization's property and volunteers.

According to columnist Lee Kaplan writing in FrontPage Magazine, the protesters – "Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and radical leftist students" – surrounded the outdoor table the morning after President Bush's re-election victory, when the Republican activists had hoped to recruit more members.
Two days earlier, Arab students confronted members of the Republican club who were distributing Bush-Cheney flyers on campus, with one woman reportedly slapping one of the conservative students. The columnist says the Republicans were accused of the "murder of Palestinian babies" due to their support for Bush.

Wrote Kaplan:

"Lee Wolf, another College Republicans member, described one of the women on Monday as shouting, 'The only way we can defeat you is to kill as many as possible! I'd rather die a suicide bomber's death than to call myself an American!' He continued, 'In my opinion, these were terrorist threats.'"

According to the report, the Arab protesters have called for the Republican club to be banned from campus. Flyers were even distributed at the university that said: "Don't Let the College Republicans Commit Racism and Bigotry Against Arab Women."