Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Meanwhile, down at the border

While our government foolishly sucks up to Mexico by tempting the crooked government south of the border with new plans to overhaul immigration rules, other visitors are seeping through:

As our cameras had captured this day, hundreds of illegal entrants sneak into Arizona from Mexico.

Items left behind, like a Muslim prayer rug and a diary written in Arabic have led some to believe not all crossers are from Central and South America.

In our original story.sources. including a former Border Patrol supervisor, say people from terrorist-related countries are crossing the border at will.

This agent says it's certainly happened, describing one incident with a detainee near Naco, Arizona.

"So they took him back to the Naco station for further investigating there, and when they entered his fingerprints into the AFIS database, which is maintained by the FBI, several minutes later they received a phone call from someone on the other end -- I'm not sure who it was."

"and they stated, whoever is working on this particular terminal, they need to separate that gentleman right away. He was later determined to be from Pakistan. And he had affiliations with a terrorist group. It wasn't al-Qaida, but it was another terrorist group and this gentleman was wanted out of France for trafficking in heroin."