Monday, November 08, 2004

Beyond belief...even for the New York Times

I don't read the Times, unless I have I missed this one. LGF has the details:

What the hell is going on at the New York Times?

I expect the bias. I expect Paul Krugman’s distorted op-eds, and Maureen Dowd’s incoherent babbling. I expect the pro-Palestinian, anti-American articles that flow from the Old Grey Lady in a constant stream.

What I don’t expect to find is a thinly veiled cry for an “act of God” to remove President Bush from office—in an article that describes previous assassinations of US presidents as “acts of God.”

Waiting for the USSS to do their job....meanwhile here's more at Powerline with Democrats Ponder Alternatives: Vote Suppression, Secession and Assassination.