Friday, October 08, 2004

Thugs Tied to Kerry?

In response to my Thugs R Us post yesterday, RambleMind forwarded this item from his blog that may answer some burning questions some of us have been having about all these seemingly coordinated acts of violence against Bush campaign headquarters around the country:
Radical activism in America has made strident attempts to hijack the political process over the last few years. Take, for example, the recent voter fraud charges [Bill Hobbs at the Detroit FreePress has several examples] as political organizations attempt to get out the vote...

Even the recent vandalism, mostly by Anti-Bush folks against Bush/Cheney supporters, speaks to the out-of-control nature of these protesters. It seems that protesting has become a way of life for these folks. Indeed, there are even organizations that will train protesters in radical activism, eco-terrorism, media manipulation, and even how to bring a city to a screeching halt. John Sellers, Executive Director of one such organization, the Ruckus Society, said it in so many words. "We plot and scheme and conspire to save the planet. We have a blast." He further stated, "It is theater; it's an artistic expression. It's also a confrontation with power, with The Power."...

There may be a temptation on the part of most Americans to believe that this is a fringe few. That the people involved in this sort of activity are young, idealistic, and immature, and that they will "grow out of it". You may be surprised to know that the many of these organizations are tied to, allied with (unofficially, of course), and travel in the same circles as many of our Democratic Leadership. Including John Kerry, and his wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry.

For example, the Kerry Campaign hired Zach Exley as their
Director of Online Communications and Online Organizing. Hired right from, a far-left wing propaganda organization (vehemently anti-Bush, of course), Exley comes with an impressive resume of political discord. In addition to, Exley owns the George W. Bush parody site, (temporarily on hiatus until after the election), and was trained by, and works as a Workshop Coordinator for the Ruckus Society.
There is a lot more at the above link. Read the whole thing. My question is this: Why haven't any charges been brought against these thugs? I have not seen a report of a single arrest.