Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Brownshirts on the march

Yesterday, I commented on the wave of violence and generally ugly behavior that Union thugs and others have been demonstrating. The Captain's Quarters has listed a few examples of this sort of thing that appears to be organized:
...the truth is that the AFL-CIO and the Democrats have started a deliberate campaign of intimidation to keep Republicans from volunteering for this campaign. It's ugly, and the people who do such things are ugly and should be called out as such. If this represents the face of the Democrats, then their earlier accusations that Bush is the new Hitler can only be called a classic case of Freudian projection...

I'd say that after the wave of political violence they've initiated, they've proven themselves to be dangerous organizations. Maybe it's time to push through a federal right-to-work act that abolishes closed shops and mandatory dues throughout the US. At the very least, the Department of Justice should be investigating these related assaults as a possible conspiracy involving the AFL-CIO's leadership as well as some Democratic committees, and start some RICO prosecutions.
If we are to remain a free people, we cannot allow political violence to go unanswered by the rule of law.
That, finally, is one parallel to Germany in 1932 that actually applies.

Meanwhile, the Professor is calling for Kerry to call off the thugs.