Saturday, October 09, 2004

Are Kerry Supporters Running Automated Scripts to "Win" online polls?

A Freeper has posted an interesting theory about why those online polls at sites like MSNBC and others seem to lean toward Kerry so quickly. Good discussion afterward in the comments too:

Kerry is winning the online polls on the debate by such a huge margin, as with the last debate, that its quite obvious that poll spamming by isn't the cause. In the past, Freerepublic provided online poll links, DU provided online poll links, and it was usually a spirited but decent contest.

Tonight's online polls, as with the last debate, indicate that there are certainly far more sophisticated techniques being used to falsely inflate the Kerry vote than DU's normal multiple voting techniques. I have watched CNN and MSNBC go dramatically into a huge (and unbelievable) lead in only minutes. Automated voting scripts are the only thing that would cause such an imbalance so quickly. Its been done before by computer hacks:

Fixing Polls: An Open Letter to

Looks like Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe has the good fortune to have some real good computer support working the case for Kerry's online polls. Well, Terry did send an email request for "voters," he didn't say they had to be human.