Monday, September 27, 2004

Say what?

Light blogging today. First off, OpinionJournal has a couple of whoppers from John Kerry's second wife, who doesn't seem to realize that Congress has a say in some things, like health care. But the real telling quote is this one about how to fight terrorism:
"The way we live in peace in a family, in a marriage, in the world, is not by threatening people, is not by showing off your muscles. It's by listening, by giving a hand sometimes, by being intelligent, by being open and by setting high standards."
Yeah, as that will really help. If some nutjob is at my door telling me to convert to Islam or lose my head, I'm not inviting him in for milk and cookies and a nice, quiet chat....I'm going for Mr. Colt to administer Headache Cure #.45.

Also, I don't understand why someone who asks a question during a question and answer session can be called a "heckler".