Sunday, September 12, 2004

More memo fallout

Power Line takes a look at the L.A. Times article that's up this morning about the CBS memo/Blog caper, crediting Free Republic and others with uncovering the truth about the story. One statement stands out:
Contrast the behavior of the blogosphere with that of CBS. While we have disclosed sources and responded to all inquiries from reporters like Wallsten, CBS has taken its plays from the old Watergate playbook. Stonewalling and misdirection are the order of the day. To the extent that CBS has cited sources, they have not supported the authenticity of the documents. All in all, CBS has behaved like a criminal caught redhanded in a fraud of monumental proportions.

While on that note, take a look at this open letter that one Freeper has penned to the MSM. I hope they heed his words:
On Free Republic alone, there are experts in many fields. We have writers, poets, engineers, aviators, artists, journalists, (they keep that on the down-low), lawyers, historians, teachers, politicians, current and former members of all branches of the military; all who actually know what they are talking about without having a script (or DNC talking points) shoved in their face.
The choice is yours, MSM. You can join us in working to share information with a hungry audience, or you can be replaced. We don't need Nielson, just a web site and an idea. Instead of insulting the remainder of your dwindling viewers, readers and listeners, why don't you just agree to cut the crap, stop the parroting of the NY Times long enough to do your own work, and finally decide to become REAL journalists again.


Blogger 49erDweet said...

What possible advantage would the MsM have in doing that? You haven't attended "journalism" classes for quite a while, apparently, if you think their goals should be the publishing of 'truth'.

No, their goal, as instilled by their academic 'betters', is to lead, mold and shape the minds of the serfs (that's us) to achieve a perceived betterment of society. There is no possible way a practicing MsM journalist wants to merely tell us the truth and let us make up our own minds. They equate that result with professional failure.

8:11 PM  
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