Sunday, September 12, 2004

Evidence of premeditation on the part of CBS???

O.K., I'm not sure of what to make of this one, but if true, Dan and the folks at 60 Minutes have a lot explaining to do.
I believe I have found evidence of premeditation on the part of CBS.
I am particularly suspicious of a CBS web page with the title:
"More Controversy Over Bush Docs"
Once clicking on the link, you should see up in your address bar the following:
My eyes latched onto the date in the URL -- 2004/09/06 (the 6th was last Monday). Why would a story that didn't break until late Wednesday, right here on FR, have a URL with last Monday's date, on -- of all web sites -- CBS' OWN WEB SITE?!
Did CBS create and begin preparation on a web page last Monday, to get a jumpstart in the event they would be found out?

The FR thread also has a screen capture. Stay tuned.