Saturday, December 24, 2005

Thought crimes will be punished!

Ho Ho Ho...

POLICE questioned a retired couple for 80 minutes about their “homophobic” views after they asked their local council if they could display their Christian literature next to gay rights leaflets, it was reported last night.

Joe and Helen Roberts said that police officers warned them that their actions “were close to a hate crime” after they complained to Wyre Borough Council about its gay rights policies.

The couple claimed that the police told them they were “walking on eggshells”.


A council spokesman said the couple had “displayed potentially homophobic attitudes”.

He added: “The council referred this matter to the police for further investigation with the intention of challenging attitudes and educating and raising awareness of the implications of homophobic behaviour.”

Just like the old Soviet Union. Britian's not getting there.

They're already there.

UPDATE: However, one alleged thought crime in the U.S. has turned out to be a hoax.