Thursday, November 04, 2004

And now, waiting in the wings...

As soon as the election was decided the other night, and I mean within minutes of it, guess what pops up on the wires...yep:
NEW YORK -- The outcome of Tuesday's presidential election could well determine whether Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will have a chance to personally return her family to the White House. A victory by President Bush could establish New York's junior senator as the front-runner for the 2008 Democratic nomination for president. A win by Democrat John Kerry could put off any run for the White House by the former first lady for at least eight years, and maybe forever.
You know that certain people in the media are waiting in orgasmic expectation, like rock and roll groupies backstage, to get a piece of this action. Some are printing it as a foregone conclusion:

Hillary Clinton to become the next US president

11/04/2004 12:06

Kerry's loss has opened up the way to the White House for Hillary Clinton

American presidential elections are officially over. In the meantime, British bookmakers are already starting to accept bets for the next US leader. According to them, Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to be the most prominent candidate for the post.

The world's biggest bookmaker company Ladbrokes has already begun accepting bets for the US" former first lady in a five to one ratio. The William Hill Company considers Hillary's chances for victory as six to one, reports RIA "Novosti."

Neither Ladbrokes nor William Hill proved to be wrong. Both of them placed their bets of George Bush in yesterday's presidential elections in the US.

You will also note that this article is from take that as you will.