Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Now Jessie is Mad

The trouble never seems to end for the Kerry campaign. A freeper reports that Jessie Jackson is not pleased with the direction they have been taking:
In a just-completed interview with Judy Woodruff of CNN's Inside Politics, Jackson took the bark off the Kerry campaign. He accused it of failing to reach out to its base, specifically claiming that the Kerry people had failed to reach out to blacks. Donna Brazile had been on earlier to discuss the issue, and it seems clear the Reverend is angry that he has not been given a more prominent role in the campaign.
Adding insult to injury, not only did Jackson call the Kerry campaign "not smart," he went out of his way to praise Karl Rove and the Bush campaign. He said that the Bush campaign is smart to begin by solidifying its base and then reaching out to other groups, whereas the Kerry campaign is ignoring his base.
Jackson was also furious that Kerry had refused to participate in some kind of Appalachian events that Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH had organized. Jesse's been dissed, and he's ticked.