Wednesday, September 22, 2004

More evidence of collusion

Hugh Hewitt talks to Ben Ginsburg, who lays it all out on the memogate thing:
There certainly is an interesting concurrence of events that occurred from the time that CBS arranged for Bill Burkett to call Joe Lockhart and Joe talked to him apparently on the Saturday before the CBS segment ran. ... The Boston Globe got a document dump that was critical of the president's national guard service on that Thursday, the day after the broadcast. Nicholas Kristof, the liberal columnist for the New York Times, faithfully wrote a column on that Thursday all about the president's national guard service. Also on that Thursday, Texans for Truth began running its ads. That group got its initial funding from, and of course is represented by the Democratic National Committee attorney, and their pollster was Stanley Greenburg, who has now gone to work for the Kerry campaign. And lastly, Terry McAuliffe, DNC Chairman, had the press conference on that Thursday to allege that the president was AWOL. That's a lot of events at the same period of time, all a smear campaign, all centered on the forged documents, and those are the questions that the media really should be asking about the role of the Kerry campaign and the Democratic National Committee."
Coordinated. Smear. Job.