Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do...

This is getting so convoluted that it's giving me a headache. Allah has the details:
The bombshells keep going off. Only a few hours after publishing its story about Burkett's quid pro quo with CBS, USA Today outs him as its source and demonstrates in excruciating detail just how "unimpeachable" he really is.
Read the whole thing.

Over at Power Line, questions are being raised:

Yesterday you stated that CBS originally approached Burkett for the story, that Burkett did not seek you out. Who directed you to Burkett? Was it a member of the Kerry campaign? Why have you not identified the name of the person who directed you to Burkett?

Did any member of the Kerry campaign have a hand in the story? Did the campaign direct you to any of the "unimpeachable sources" you used for the story? What members of the Kerry campaign did CBS speak with about the story before it aired? Is it a sheer coincidence that the Kerry campaign unrolled its "Operation Fortunate Son" attacking President Bush's Air National Guard service the same week that you broadcast the 60 Minutes story?

Of course, we all remember what happened when an attorney for the Bush campaign had given legal advice to the Swift Boat Vets. Yep, charges of collusion and conspiracy. But CBS thinks there's nothing wrong at all for the producer of a hit piece on the president to give the Kerry campaign a call about the upcoming story, nope, nothing wrong with that....


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