Sunday, September 19, 2004

Kerry illegally conducting foreign policy

From the Captain's Quarters: In a move that should shock both American and Australian voters, John Kerry's campaign has sent Kerry's sister Diana down under to tell Australians that their American alliance makes them less safe...
Does John Kerry care more about grabbing power than he does about the United States? It certainly appears that way. Who gave the order for Diana Kerry to interfere with the Australian election? Who told her to act in a manner that is calculated to undermine the American-Australian partnership on the terror war? Frankly, not only should this disqualify him for the presidency, it should disqualify anyone involved in his campaign from ever holding public office. Those who condone this interference in a wartime alliance must be punished at the polls, and their party as a whole should be blocked from any power whatsoever until they atone for their actions.


Blogger Vancouver Andy said...

According to Mr. Kerry this morning, it sounds as though he has become the speaker for the insurgency, for terrorists and for the good will of Charles De Gaul.

But "sewage as high as the hupcaps on Humvees" tops it all!!! Since when do Humvees have hub caps?? Oh, that's right, he voted against the humvees in the first place!!!!

12:39 PM  
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