Saturday, September 18, 2004

New scare tactic

Here's the latest scare tactic that the DNC is trying.
Elect George Bush, some Kerry surrogates said last week, and you or your children will be drafted to fight in Iraq.
Of course, what the MSNBC article doesn't tell you is who is really sponsoring the reinstatement of the draft in the House and Senate. So let me help out here.

Bill Summary & Status for the 108th Congress S.89. Hollings (D-SC) sponsored it. It has no other sponsors. The Republicans have kept it bottled up in committee for nearly two years.

Bill Summary & Status for the 108th Congress H.R.163. Sponsored by Rangel (D-NY). All the co-sponsors are Democrats. Not one Republican. It's been held up since March 2003.

The Mainstream Media lies again, this time by omitting the facts. Don't believe anything they say. Nothing.

UPDATE: The Blind Pig Blog breaks down the democrat's "logic" on this issue.


Blogger eric vetter said...

Amazing! A liberal friend of my spouted this "Bush will draft" gibberish to me just this morning! Thanks for having the perfect response for me to email to him! You must have the ESPP!

11:18 PM  
Blogger 49erDweet said...

It is so thoughtful of the divergent dimlibs to create an issue, warn the US of that issue, and then adroitly attempt to shift the blame for the issue onto W.

Whatever would we do without them? Was Rome this way just before the end?

4:46 PM  
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