Saturday, August 21, 2004

We go overseas for the good stuff...

Joe may have nailed it, but he's only one voice out of many liberal ones that have saturated the wires and airwaves. It's a shame you have to go to an overseas paper to get a good, balanced piece on the Vet ad controversy.

Bush has refused to attack Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who have also published a bestselling book. He instead calls for the abolition of all 527 organizations - and has challenged Kerry to make the same call. "Not only has president had over $62m spent attacking him by these shadowy groups, but not forget about Michael Moore’s movie," said Jennifer Millerwise, a Bush campaign spokeswoman.

For weeks, she said, Americans could "hardly turn on a television" without seeing Michael Moore "launch unbelievable attacks on this president" as he promoted Fahrenheit 9/11, his highly successful film.

The Democrats have refused to criticise any of the 527s, save for asking some of the more zealous to calm down. MoveOn recently ran an online poster competition where one entry compared President Bush to Hitler.


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