Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Even more voter fraud?

It would appear that there is trouble brewing between the City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee County Election Commission:
You do the math:

The City of Milwaukee asked for 938,300 ballots for the November 2004 election
The Milwaukee County Election Commission proposed giving the city 574,105, but then increased that amount to a total of 679,500.

The total population in Milwaukee: 596,974 in 2000 and 593,920 in 2004
The total number of people who are of legal voting age in Milwaukee in 2004: 423,811

Total votes cast in 2000 fall election: 245,670
Total votes cast in 2002 fall election: 141,351 (pre-registration of 335,889)

Total votes case in 2004 September election: 94,643 (total ballots requested by City of Milwaukee: 841,357)
Total number of pre-registered voters as of the September 2004 election: 382,737
Smells like fraud from here, doesn't it?