Monday, October 11, 2004

Democrats: The party of religious tolerance

I saw this one via Blogs for Bush and I am totally floored at the behavior of the Kerry campaign towards these people who simply want to express their opinion. What happens when this group of seminarians try to attend a Kerry event in St. Louis is one thing, but after being told they could not be in there, the way they were treated by the democrats after the event was over is unbelievable:
When the event was over Kerry supporters poured out of the building just as fast as the obscenities and ridicule poured out of their drunken mouths (yes, many of them were rather intoxicated). We were hailed as pedophile hypocrites who needed to clean our own house before we tell them what to do. We were accused of being the scum of the Catholic Church and homosexuals. We were accused of harboring criminals and being oppressive of women and African Americans. We had some “homosexuals for Kerry” stand in front of us and make out…that was a great photo-op for many of the Kerry supporters. Needless to say it was a very ugly scene, but during it all we remained calm and prayerful – which infuriated them all the more.
If this is the way Democrats treat the faithful during the campaign, just imagine how they will be dealt with if Kerry is elected, with the full power of federal law enforcement backing them up. Be afraid, very afraid.