Friday, September 03, 2004

Worst. Speech. EVER

No, I am not talking about the president's acceptance speech at the GOP shindig. That was masterful. I'm talking about Kerry's ill-conceived salvo that occurred 15 minutes afterwards in Ohio.

What were they thinking?

Oh, I know that the democratic campaign has had a major shakeup, bringing in more former Clinton attack dogs and such, but nothing could have prepared viewers for the onslaught of pure foolishness that was displayed last night. He's STILL harping on Vietnam, a topic that the Swift Boat Vets have called into question as of late and an issue that the public will soon get very weary of.

I won't waste time taking it apart. The Kerry Spot over at the National Review Online does that well enough. But I do have one observation that I haven't seen in print expect over on Free Republic: With Kerry's slurred speech, wild gestures and rambling diction last night...if I was a cop, I would have considered administering a field sobriety test on the spot.

I'm not kidding. Kerry looked and sounded like he was three sheets to the wind.