Thursday, September 09, 2004

NO! Don't read THAT book!

Way back when I started this blog...three weeks ago, I had a link to one of the sites that are offering John Kerry's 1971 book, "The New Soldier." Well, it would appear that the Kerry campaign is trying to make sure that you don't read this:
Mr. Davis' first website at was temporarily shut-down by Yahoo following a complaint filed by an attorney representing George Butler. Mr. Butler is a co-editor of the book and has been a close personal friend of John Kerry since 1964. Mr. Davis has filed a sworn counter-notification with Yahoo, demanding that the website be reactivated. George Butler is directing a film titled 'Going Up River' ( purported to be a documentary about John Kerry's Vietnam service and his anti-war activities.

So, if he is trying to ban books unfavorable to him during his campaign, even though he wrote it, what do you think he would do as president with the vast powers of the federal government at his beck and call?

Be afraid...very afraid.