Monday, August 23, 2004

“You were not on the same boat??"

A post over on the Swift Boat Vets site lays to rest the getting-older-by-the-day talking point about not being on the boat with John Kerry:

As these images graphically illustrate, one did not have to physically be on the same boat during a Swift Boat operation to be intimately acquainted with both what was going on in an accompanying boat or also with the people aboard those boats:

.... ..............

In addition, when the boats returned from a mission, everyone lived and ate and bunked on/in the same living quarters: a berthing ship, LST or base. Swift Boat divisions were very small. Everybody knew all of the other people and well. Whether they got along with them or not. The Swift Boat sailors that “served with John Kerry” definitely had as much or more contact with him as any of his assigned crewmen.
Bob Shirley …. Officer-in-Charge PCF-45


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Close but.....
OIC's and superiors were likely in meetings and received directly days orders as well as instruction on protocol, SOP etc. Accordingly, they knew what was expected.

On the other hand those that reported to him had most of their knowledge filtered and interpreted by John Kerry. From their perspective he was following orders.

12:39 AM  
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