Thursday, August 26, 2004

More spin from the L.A. Times

A column in the L.A. Times this morning proves the point that the MSM is really carrying water for Kerry, despite being caught in a lie:
The anti-Kerry veterans who have banded together as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth may be sincere in their version of what happened in 1969, but the weight of evidence still supports Kerry's original story. They have caught him in only one, relatively inconsequential untruth — Kerry's claim that he was in Cambodia on Christmas Day 1968. (He now admits that something that didn't happen was "seared" into his memory.)

Kerry has claimed this story numerous time, all throughout his political career, and it's now described as relatively inconsequential? The piece goes on:
First, it once again confirms that, for all the conservative caterwauling about the insidious power of liberal reporters, the establishment media have little ability anymore to control the national agenda. The press would have been happy to parrot Kerry's version of his war story as reported by his authorized chronicler, Douglas Brinkley, in "Tour of Duty." But the iron triangle of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News Channel and Regnery Publishing .....

Boy, they come right out in admiting it, don't they? And let's not forget the Iron Triangle crack either. These editorials are looking more like Pravda stories from the mid 1970's every day.