Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Going after the Swifties

The slime machine seems be be hard at work since the Kerry campaign can't seem to get it together about the Vets issue:
A group of Democratic loyalists is compiling incriminating dossiers on the members of the veteran group - and they sent us a preview of what might be in store for Swift Boat activist James Zumwalt, son of illustrious Adm. Elmo Zumwalt - and it isn't pretty.

Releasing medical records? Isn't that illegal? Meanwhile, Kerry is actually promoting his anti-war activities:
PHILADELPHIA - Democrat John Kerry defended his Vietnam War record Tuesday night from accusations that he didn't deserve his medals and invited voters to judge his 1970s anti-war activism as an indication of the "kind of president I'm going to be."

Meanwhile, his four months in country and a short, separate tour aboard ship suddenly turns into a longer period of time:
Kerry also struck back at people who criticize him for trying to glorify only four months of service in Vietnam.
"I was there longer than that, number one," he said. "Number two, I served two tours. Number three, they thought enough of my service to make me aide to an admiral."
You know, all the vets I've ever talked to considered "a tour of duty" to be a full year in country. They counted the days left like a child counts the days until Christmas. They called it "being short."
Meanwhile, Kerry is dispatching his minions to Bush's ranch to try to convince him to try and put a stop to the ads that have the democrats tied up in knots. He already called for a stop to all 527 ads, but that isn't enough for them.
The Kerry letter, signed by at least seven Democratic senators who have served in the military, calls on Bush to "recognize this blatant attempt at character assassination, and publicly condemn it."
"Call on this group to cease and desist," they wrote. Cleland said Bush "owes it to every soldier and veteran in the nation to stop condoning their smears through his silence."

Tell the 527's on the other side to stop first...